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What is Moksha?

Moksha is liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth and all the sufferings from the limitations of worldly existence. One soul gets moksha only after Asthi Visarjan & Shradh. Achieving Moksha is the ultimate aim of every Hindu. The soul is not relieved from the cycle of rebirth and death until one's cremated remains (cremains) are immersed by the learned Acharyas, who have complete knowledge of Vedas in Holy Ganges with full rituals, as described in Garur Puran and Smriti Shastra.


Importance of Moksha

Due to lack of proper knowledge, guidance and expert assistance, attainment of Moksha through Asthi Visarjan Shradh at Holy Ganges is a dream for Hindus residing out of India.
According to holy epics, the cremated remains (cremains) which are collected during the cremation of deceased should be immersed in holy Ganges. By doing this, as long as the cremains remain in Holy water, the deceased soul is honoured in the heaven. Then after, the person from the heaven does not get rebirth in this grievous transient world and he gets salvation.


How to attain Moksha?

According to Garur Puran and Smriti Shastra, Asthi Visarjan has been described as a highly important ritual. Asthi Visarjan not only makes one's belief and trust stronger, but also establishes our forefathers in Satya Lok or Vaikunth (heaven). According to Vedic Scripts, after a person leaves his body, his son or inheritor should, with full respect, honour and reverence, perform Asthi Visarjan by expert and learned Acharyas.
The prime responsibility of a person performing rituals of mother or father or grandfather or friend or relative is to get them performed in the prescribed manner as stated in Vedic Scripts, failing which, the soul shall not get the ultimate peace and the soul keeps strolling in the universe.


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