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Kashi Moksha Inc. Varanasi has created a trouble free system for its clients. The interested family, who wants to get the rituals performed according to the vedic scripts, should fill the cremated remains of the deceased in double polythene pack and then after seal it in cloth bag. After sealing the packet, it has to be placed in Plastic Coated corrugated box and dispatched by International Courier mail to Kashi Moksha Inc.(India)

After receiving the cremated remains, Five Acharyas shall perform the puja of Asthi Visarjan & Shradh at the banks of holy river Ganga with Rudrabhishek in the name of the deceased soul and on behalf of family members. After completing the Rudrabhishek, the remains shall be immersed in the holy Ganges by the Acharyas with mantras and complete rituals. Once the immersion takes place, a holy bhandara (Prasad Vitran) in the memory of deceased shall be arranged on the gaths of holy Ganges. Number of Brahmins to be invited in Bhandara ((Prasad Vitran) shall be according to the desire of the family members of the holy soul.

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